Here are some events that have influence the world of graphic design in the year 1900. The US secretary of the state, John Hay announced the open door policy, to promote American trade with China. The United Kingdom and United States sign a treaty for the building of a central American shipping canal, across America in Nicaragua. These two events increase the amount of trade being done all over the world. This cause a collision in culture, design, fashion and way of living of the Asian, European and American country. Graphic design had to change and adapt with all the new trends which were imported. Women in Germany demanded the right to participate in university entrance exams. In France the length of a legal workday for women and children is limited to 11 hours. When women started going to the university and work, the design of their clothes changed to better suit the new situation they were in. The first Auto show in the United States opens at New York city’s Madison Square Garden. Fonts, logos, icons and graphic templates needed to be design for the show and a lot of people came and this helped to share these design all over the country from where the visitors came.